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How many IPs should I lease in order to announce them from my Autonomous System?

If you want to announce your IPs from your AS, the minimum number of IPs you need to lease is 256 IP addresses which is equal to /24 IP block.


Can I lease IPs to my clients?

Yes, you are free to lease our IP addresses for your clients.
However, please note that additional information might be required about your client, depending on what the IPs are going to be used for.


Are your IP addresses blacklist free?

Our IP addresses are carefully maintained by blocking any possible spam traffic.
Therefore, our IPs are not blocked by spam tracking databases such as Spamhaus, Barracuda, etc.


How long can I lease IP addresses and what billing cycles do you offer?

You can lease IP addresses for as long as you need them.
The minimum billing cycle is 12 months. However, you can choose 3, 6, 12 and 24 month or even longer billing cycles.


Can I announce your IPs to my data center?

Yes, you are allowed to announce leased IP addresses from your data center. We may issue LoA stating that IPs will be announced from your AS (autonomous system).


Which countries do you provide your IP addresses from?

We provide IPs from any geo-located country, no matter the region it belongs to.
This includes SWIP’ing IPs to your company and requested country with geo-location updates at major GeoIP databases such as maxmind.com, ip2location.com, etc.


How many regions do you cover?

We cover all regions – RIPE (European IP networks), AFRINIC (African IP networks), ARIN (American IP networks) and APNIC (Asia Pacific IP networks).