A Beginner’s Guide to Leasing IPv4 Addresses: What You Need to Know

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Unleashing the Power of IP Leasing: Overcoming IPv4 Address Exhaustion

IPv4 address is running out

IPv4’s unique addressing scheme requires that each device connected to a network be given its individual IP address. As the booming of Internet development, the demand for IPv4 addresses can not be supported by a limited number of IPv4 addresses. 430 million IPv4 Addresses have been fully assigned to ISPs, except for a reserved amount of IPv4 addresses on a single network. It means that IPv4 will run out at any time.

How did IP leasing begin?

To stop the global IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6 was introduced as a solution. However, it has not become the dominant version of the Internet Portocal. Despite the IP address space exhaustion, IPv4 remains the most demanded IP version and its depletion has led to the emergence of IPv4 lease services that directly correspond to the market’s demand. In 2011, brokerages began facilitating IPv4 address buying and selling deals, but over time, IP address lease services have proven to be a faster, more secure, and cost-efficient solution, effectively addressing the shortage of IPv4 resources in a more sustainable way.

IPv4 address

The benefits of IPv4 lease

The scarcity of IPv4 address space has driven the growth of the IPv4 lease market. Compared with buying IPv4 address, there exist some benefits of IPv4 leasing

IPv4 address

More Economical:

Another significant advantage of leasing is the cost-effectiveness of this solution. The cost of leasing an IP address block is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing one, with monthly lease fees ranging from $0.55 to $2 per IP. This makes leasing an ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have the budget to buy expensive IP address blocks.

More flexible:

Leasing also offers a more flexible solution to businesses, allowing them to terminate their lease at any time without incurring significant fees. Businesses can select the desired lease period, which can range from a month to five years or more, depending on the agreement. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their IP address needs according to their growth and expansion plans, without having to commit to long-term ownership.

Quicker to acquire IPs:

One of the main advantages of leasing IPv4 address space is the ability to acquire IP addresses quickly. Unlike buying IP addresses, leasing allows businesses to acquire IPs within minutes, rather than waiting weeks for approval from Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). This makes leasing an ideal solution for businesses that need to expand their IP address pools quickly to support growing networks or accommodate sudden increases in online traffic.

No Liability:

Additionally, since businesses do not own the leased IP addresses, they are not liable for any legal or regulatory issues that may arise. This makes leasing a more secure option for businesses that want to enhance their online security without committing to long-term ownership of IP addresses.

Simple Process:

The process of leasing IPs is simple and straightforward, which is why many businesses prefer it over buying. To begin, the broker draws up a service contract between the lessor and lessee. The lessee then makes payment to the lessor through brokers, and the IP address is transferred to the lessee.

How to start leasing IP addresses: 5 things to consider

As a beginner to Leasing IPv4 Addresses, you might be confused about how to lease IP addresses and what you should consider. Here are the five things you need to consider before choosing an IPv4 lease provider and signing a lease agreement.

IPv4 address

Cost of leasing

Leasing IPv4 addresses can be a cost-effective solution compared to buying them outright. The cost of leasing IPv4 addresses varies depending on the service provider and the size of the IP blocks being leased. You should research your options carefully to find the provider that best fits your needs and budget. Some providers offer short-term leases starting at 24 hours, while others offer longer leases that can last for years.

Scope of IP addresses

The five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are responsible for allocating internet number resources such as autonomous system numbers (ASNs) and IP addresses. However, there is still a significant amount of unused IPv4 address space that can be brought back into the market through leasing. When choosing an IPv4 lease provider, evaluate how many IP addresses you need and ensure that your preferred provider can meet your demand. Some providers offer only a small number of IP addresses, while others have millions of addresses available.

Different IP geolocation

IP geolocation refers to the physical location of internet users’ devices that are assigned specific IP addresses. If your preferred IPv4 lease marketplace offers IP geolocation features, it can help you access accurate location data and improve your website’s efficiency. It’s essential to choose a provider that can offer IPv4 addresses from different geolocations that match your website’s traffic and user base.

Abuse management

When leasing IPv4 addresses, it’s crucial to ensure that they are clean and not associated with any spam or abuse. Reliable IPv4 lease providers have abuse prevention teams that constantly monitor and maintain IP reputation to prevent spam and other types of IP address abuse. Ensure that your chosen marketplace has a professional abuse observability team and that it evaluates every client who wants to monetize or lease IPs.

General IP address management

Look for an IPv4 lease provider that offers easy IP address management features. This feature allows you to make necessary changes, such as reassigning to different ASNs, updating geolocation, updating DNS nameservers/PTR records, and more. Additionally, easy IP management enables you to plan the acquisition of additional IPs or terminate IPs that are no longer needed.

The Vital Role of IPv4 address Brokers in Today’s Secondary IP Address Market

As a leasee, you may not have the knowledge and resources to navigate the complex market of IPv4 address leasing. IPv4 address brokers are the bridge between lessees and leasers, who can help lessee find the right IPv4 lease provider.


IPv4 address brokers know how the system works and understand to follow guidelines laid down by the RIRs. They can also help you understand the market conditions and trends, then guide you towards the best possible deals.

Access to Networks

The brokers have a good camaraderie with other brokers and coordinate with them to arrange IPv4 addresses. They can leverage their connections to help you find the exact type of IPv4 address you need to lease, even if they are in high demand.

Risk Management

One of the biggest risks of leasing IPv4 addresses is the possibility of leased IP addresses being hijacked or used for malicious purposes such as spamming and fishing. IPv4 address brokers can help mitigate this risk by verifying the legitimacy of IPv4 addresses and ensuring that they are not associated with any malicious activity.

IPv4 address leasing

Why Choose IPv4 Superhub Limited as IPv4 Address Broker

Due to the exhaustion of IPv4 address space, IPv4 address leasing has become a viable alternative. IPv4 address brokers, like IPv4 Superhub Limited, play a crucial role in connecting lessees with lessors. IPv4 Superhub is a reputable broker that assists lessees in finding and leasing the required IPv4 addresses. Here are key benefits of using the IPv4 Superhub marketplace:

  • Low lease costs
  • Large pool of IPs
  • IP geolocation services
  • Abuse management
  • Easy provisioning
  • Coordination services

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