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At IPv4 Superhub, we comprise a dynamic team of seasoned IT professionals, united in our dedication to achieving outstanding outcomes. With a wealth of collective expertise, we foster a growth mindset and aim to consistently deliver excellence. Join us as we collaboratively pursue the ambitious goals of our company, staying three steps ahead of the curve. Your journey to success begins with a team that thrives on innovation and forward-thinking.

Our Team

Our overarching objective is to empower each team member to embrace ownership of their ideas, transforming them into tangible realities. We place immense value on collaboration, cultivating a creative atmosphere where everyone becomes a driving force in crafting their own narrative. Join us at us, where we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with a steadfast commitment to professional growth and innovation.

Join Our Visionary Team

Empower Your Career in an Innovation-Driven Community

Innovation Drivers

Join a team at the forefront of innovation. We thrive on pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and turning ideas into impactful solutions. Your contribution will be a driving force in shaping the future of our industry.

Collaborative Expertise

Be part of a collective brilliance. Our team of seasoned professionals brings diverse expertise to the table. Collaborate with industry leaders and tap into a wealth of knowledge, accelerating your career growth while collectively achieving remarkable milestones.

Growth-Focused Community

Experience a culture of continuous growth. We're more than a team; we're a community that embraces a growth mindset. Join us, and immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures your professional development, ensuring you stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Why to Join Our Team?

Exploring our culture through this page offers a glimpse, but the real essence is best experienced firsthand. We extend a warm invitation to connect, visit our office, or arrange a virtual coffee chat, especially if you’re in a different location.

Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or stepping into the field, IPXO is more than a workplace; it’s a space where inspiration meets challenges. Embrace a welcoming atmosphere, infused with a sense of humor, including plenty of tech-related jokes. Join us for a journey that promises fulfillment and enjoyment.

The Benefits of Joining us

A Remote-First Culture:

As a company that embraces remote work, we foster a culture where our team members are empowered to work from any location. We trust and encourage self-driven initiatives, recognizing that each individual possesses the autonomy to choose their work environment.

Self-Driven Learning and Growth:

In our dynamic remote setting, team members are encouraged to take ownership of their professional development. We celebrate a culture of self-driven learning, where individuals proactively seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills, contributing to their personal and collective growth.

Empowering Flexibility

Retain the freedom to choose where you thrive best, whether within our well-appointed offices in Vilnius and Kaunas or the comfort of your home. Embrace our supportive hybrid work model, allowing you the flexibility to shape your work environment.

Well-Being as a Priority

Your health and satisfaction are of utmost importance. Benefit from comprehensive healthcare packages designed to keep you at your best, ensuring your well-being remains a top priority.

Postions Opening Now

network technician

We are currently searching for a proficient and adaptable Network Technician to join our team. The ideal candidate should possess a strong foundation in networking, demonstrating expertise in various programming languages commonly used in network administration, a deep understanding of IPv4 address allocation mechanisms, and comprehensive knowledge of network protocols and services.
Main Duty
  1. Programming Foundation:
    • Strong skills in Python, Java, or Perl.
    • Can automate network tasks using scripts.
    • Understands API integration for network management.
  2. IPv4 Address Allocation:
    • Knows IPv4 space, subnetting, and allocation.
    • Familiar with NAT and effective IP address assignment.
  3. Network Protocols and Services:
    • Deep understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and SNMP.
    • Configures services like VPN, VoIP, and email servers.
    • Knows QoS for optimizing network performance.
  1. Knowledge of IP reputation management and cybersecurity.
  2. Proficiency in Java, Python, Perl, and other network automation languages.
  3. Strong command of network management through API integration.
  4. Understanding of subnetting and IPv4 addressing principles.
  5. Ability to work remotely for 8 hours/day, 2 days off/week.
Priority Qualifications
Continuous Learning:
    • Stays updated on industry trends and tech.
    • Adapts to changing network environments.
    • Proactively seeks self-improvement.

Graphic Designer

We are seeking a highly skilled and creative Graphic Designer to join our team. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in graphic design, with a portfolio showcasing design examples, particularly in 2.5D. As a Graphic Designer, you will be responsible for conceptualizing and executing innovative design products, demonstrating a keen understanding of visual storytelling and composition.
Main Duty
  1. Manage digital platform UI/UX.
  2. Create diverse, detailed graphic design projects.
  3. Assist in crafting and optimizing digital materials for effective engagement.
  4. Collaborate on user-friendly software with designers and developers.
  1. Degree in Fine Arts or related field.
  2. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite.
  3. Strong portfolio showcasing creativity and versatility.
  4. Clear expression of design ideas and concepts.
Priority Qualifications
  1. Previous design-related experience or internship.
  2. Familiarity with branding guidelines.
  3. Understanding of web design and UI/UX principles.
  4. Enthusiasm for generating innovative ideas.

Operations Assistant

We’re actively seeking a skilled and adaptable Operator to join our team. The ideal candidate should exhibit a solid foundation in networking, showcasing proficiency in various programming languages commonly employed in network administration. Additionally, the candidate should possess a deep understanding of IPv4 address allocation mechanisms and comprehensive knowledge of network protocols and services.
Main Duty
  1. Handle client inquiries and ensure satisfaction.
  2. Manage lease renewals and transitions.
  3. Build strong client relationships and address concerns.
  4. Handle administrative tasks and maintain accurate records.
  5. Provide technical support to clients.
  1. Excellent English skills.
  2. Solid technical background, especially in IP addresses.
  3. Availability within GMT+8 time zone for remote work.
  4. Proficient in Excel and online tools.
  5. Strong communication skills.
Priority Qualifications
  1. Proactive learner with adaptability.
  2. Strong problem-solving skills.
  3. Previous experience in a similar role is a plus.

Marketing Manager

We are looking for dedicated and creative interns to contribute to our mission. Working at IPv4 Superhub Limited, you will be encouraged to learn skills and execute innovative design products. Your ideas and experiences will be highly valued.
Main Duty
Ability to come up with amazing stories or rewrite great topic topics. Growth campaigns on social platforms like Linkedin with successful results. Using analytical tools to check how well campaigns do in SEO, Email Marketing & Social Media, and how we can make them even better.
A degree from a college in English or STEM like Business, Marketing or something related (final year students can join too, as long as you’re still a student during the internship). Having a curiosity to learn and looking for ways to make ideas a reality.
Priority Qualifications
Good writing skills – create fun and interesting blog posts on the web. Knowing about the Internet and its terms, trends & tech – especially IP addresses.

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