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What is
Buying IP address?

Idle IP addresses can be transferred among different RIRs, IP brokers play a role in connecting buyers with sellers and initiating the process for buying IP addresses.
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Advantages of Buying IP Addresses

buy ip address

No Risk on IP Expiration

To deal with the shortage of IP addresses, buying IP address can secure the future needs and away from price fluctuation. The most important is to lower risks on IP migration while IP addresses expire.

buy ip address

High Flexibility on IP Delopment

Buying IP addresses gives businesses complete control over the addresses, allowing them to manage and allocate them as they see fit.

Why Buy IP Address?

IP addresses are a finite resource, and as the demand for them increases, their value will increase. Buy IP addresses, much like holding tangible assets to secure future needs.

Gain Lifetime Ownership

Buying IP addresses can secure ownership for future needs. It can save time on sourcing IP addresses for the future. Ease the unpredictable risk of inflated IP prices.

IP as Asset

IP address prices increase yearly, IP owners generate good revenue by selling them. Meanwhile, invest in buying IP addresses as an asset to generate recurring revenue.

Transparent Process

We ensure that all transactions are secure, transparent, and comply with the applicable policies and regulations

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How can you buy IP addresses immediately?

Fill in the form, leave your information and requests
Our IP address specialist will contact you as soon as possible.
  1. Signing agreement to secure IPs
  2. Pay and Confirm to buy IPs on

Or you can go to our automatic IP addresses trading platform

What are our service standards?

  • Buy IP addresses at a low price with few steps.
  • Save time and costs in maintaining IP addresses.
  • Buying IP addresses can secure ownership for future needs

Why Us

Safe Transactions

All IP address transfers are handled efficiently and correctly, all deals are completed with clients' satisfaction.

Large inventory

Our well-established IP Pool can supply from /24 to /16 IP address. We keep a good/active connection with buyers and sellers.

Expert Customer Care

As experienced brokers at RIPE NCC, APNIC, ARIN, AFRNIC IPv4 Addresses Buy Sell Deal, we provide ongoing management service and support.

Our Services

IPv4Superhub provides the professional IP trading brokerage services

Familiar with RIR Policies

As a trusted broker, assist the IP transfer with RIRs. We are quite familiar with RIR policies.

IP Reputation Check

Offer delisting SBL and PBL records for IP addresses, make sure IP address is in a good reputation before selling

Safe Transaction

We offer escrow services to secure the payment till the transaction is completed on

Our Roles in IP Address Transactions

Registered RIR Broker

As a trusted broker between sellers and buyers assist the IP transfer with RIRs

IP Reputation Management

Offer delisting SBL and PBL records for IP addresses, make sure IP address is in a good reputation before selling

Payment Secure

Prepare transfer agreements, secure the payment at

Premium Support

Assist you through every step of the way including support with pre-qualifying potential buyers, the respective Internet Registries process, vetting the IP space, contract negotiation and escrow

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+852 52949800



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