Global Traffic Conference 2023 Shenzhen China

Main Points

IPv4 Superhub’s Active Participation

Global Traffic Conference
GTC 2023

Government recognition by Ir Tony WONG, Government Chief Information Officer, and opening remarks by Leo LIU, Vice President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International, set the stage for an insightful event. IPv4 Superhub Limited actively participated in the conference and had in-depth exchanges with the server and gaming industries, achieving mutual benefit and win-win while revitalizing IPv4 resources to optimize business operations..

Chinese Internet Companies’ Global Focus

Amidst slowing domestic internet growth and rising costs, Chinese internet companies shift focus towards overseas markets. Technological advancements are strategically vital in adapting to changing market dynamics and digital business models, fostering innovation and competitive edges in international arenas.

Exploring DTC Brand Expansion

The DTC Brand Going Overseas Summit convened industry leaders to explore challenges and growth prospects for direct-to-consumer sellers venturing into global markets. Discussions revolved around revitalizing brand strength and unlocking new growth dimensions for enterprises expanding overseas.

Navigating Evolving Game Markets

At the Game Overseas Summit, participants delved into refined competition strategies, user segmentation, and content creation possibilities. Sessions dissected gaming strategies, advertising monetization, and technology-finance fusion, providing insights for game manufacturers navigating evolving market landscapes.

Industry Commitment

Concluding the China Traffic Conference, IPv4 Superhub, a leading IP address service provider, reaffirmed its commitment to delivering stable, reliable IP services for gaming and server industries. The participation aimed to learn, exchange experiences, and contribute to the industry’s advancements, leveraging deep learning AI to reinforce long-term competitiveness. IPv4 Superhub extends gratitude to the conference for the invaluable platform facilitating learning and knowledge exchange.

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