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If you own a /22,

Leasing idle IP addresses can be a smart business decision

Leasing IP addresses generates revenue and helps offset the costs of holding onto unused IP addresses while paying membership fees to RIRs year after year.

It also has other potential benefits, such as maintaining the value of IP address blocks by ensuring that IPs are being used and kept active, preventing situations where an IP block loses value due to inactivity or lack of use.

Did you know that more than 20% of IP addresses are not actively on the internet?

IP address broker

These idle IP addresses are valuable resources to the Lease Market. For example, the 4.2 Berkeley Software Distribution UNIX operating system has been discontinued for the past 30 years without any new updates. One way to free up millions of IPv4 addresses is to change the reservation of the localhost loopback interface from the /8 block to /16, which would allow for a significant increase in available addresses.

The significance of IP leasing arises due to the rising need for internet access and the limited supply of available IP addresses. Businesses often face difficulties expanding their online presence or connecting additional devices to the internet due to this scarcity of IP addresses.

That’s where an IP broker like IPv4Superhub comes in.

What is an IP address broker?

An IP address broker is a professional who assists IP address owners in the leasing, buying, or selling of their IP addresses. Typically, IP brokers have expertise in the IP Lease Market and can provide guidance and support to IP owners in valuing their IP addresses, finding potential lessees or buyers, negotiating lease or sale agreements, and ensuring legal compliance.

IPv4 Superhub is an innovative and trust-worthy company providing IP address brokerage services. We are a registered APNIC/ARIN/RIPE NCC/LACNIC Broker/Facilitator.

Advantages of leasing IP addresses

IP leasing offers several benefits for businesses, including flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Extend New Revenue

By leasing idle IPv4 addresses, it provides the opportunity to monetize IP addresses and sell IP blocks in the future at a better price. Lessers can retain the IPv4 blocks for future use.

Maximizing IP address utilization

Leasing out idle IP addresses can help maximize the utilization of your IP address resources. Instead of leaving your IP addresses unused, you can lease them out to those who need them.

Prevent being hijacked and maliciously used

When you lease an IP address, it is still owned by you, the lessor, and under your control. Additionally, IP brokers often have strict policies in place to prevent any unauthorized use of leased IP addresses and can quickly take action if any suspicious activity is detected.

No Change in Ownership

Leasing IP addresses doesn’t require any changes in ownership, unlike the complicated and time-consuming process of transferring IPv4 ownership between RIRs.

Expert Support

IP brokers often offer expert support and management services to ensure that businesses are able to effectively manage their leased IP addresses.

Why do you need IP address brokers?

By working with an IPv4 broker, you can find the right lease provider, negotiate the best deal, and manage the lease agreement, which can save time and money. Moreover, an IP address broker can provide risk management services to prevent potential risks such as IP hijacking or theft.

There are three main benefits of working with an IP address broker:


An IPv4 broker’s experience and knowledge of the IP leasing market can help you make informed decisions, understand market trends, and save time and money.

Access to networks

Brokers have a vast network of IP addresses, providing them with the ability to find the specific IP addresses you need, even if they’re in high demand.

Risk management

IPv4 brokers can help prevent the risk of leased IP addresses being hijacked or used maliciously by verifying the legitimacy of the addresses and checking for any malicious activity.

IPv4Superhub is a reputable IPv4 address broker that has received positive ratings from both buyers and sellers. The company specializes in conducting simple, transparent, and seamless IP transfers.

ip address broker

Our services as an IP broker

At IPv4Superhub, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive IP management services to our clients. We handle every aspect of IP address management with precision and care.

Full IP Address management

We provide IP search, IP reputation check, contract signing, invoicing, IP management and setting, IP abuse management, renewal arrangement.

Remove Blacklist record

We offer delisting SBL and PBL records for IP addresses, making sure IP addresses are in a good reputation.

On-going Tech Support

Our dedicated abuse team manages IP addresses and stops malicious activities immediately. 24/7 real-time automated abuse reporting aims to keep IP addresses in a good reputation.

With our expert IP management services, you can rest assured that your IP addresses are in good hands.

Make Profit with Your IP Addresses

As a lessor, you can capitalize on our experience of IP address leasing to securely monetize your address space. We possess a deep understanding of the markets, risks, and benefits associated with different rental types, and we are equipped to handle the necessary technical interactions with registries, geolocation services, and routing databases worldwide.

IPv4Superhub offers a range of options to buy, sell, monetize, or rent IPv4 addresses. If you are interested in renting out your IPv4 address, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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