Data Center International Cooperation Conference 2023 BeiJing, China

Main Points

Data Center International Cooperation Conference: A Highlight of IDCC 2023

Data Center International Cooperation

The annual Data Center International Cooperation Conference, a key component of the China IDC Industry Annual Summit IDCC 2023, is set to commence on 13th Dec. in BeiJing China. As a premier gathering in the data center industry, the conference aims to facilitate international collaboration and exchange, providing a platform for industry experts, corporate representatives, and academics to engage in in-depth discussions and share innovative ideas.

Conference Background

The Data Center International Cooperation Conference seeks to enhance the global standing of the data center industry and promote collaboration and development across regions. It will bring together industry leaders, experts, and corporate representatives from around the world to explore the latest trends, innovative technologies, and best practices in the data center field.

Reasons to Attend

The conference is an integral part of the China IDC Industry Annual Summit IDCC 2023, expected to attract nearly 20,000 professionals, including industry leaders, corporate representatives, academics, technical experts, and media representatives. The open platform welcomes participants beyond these categories, such as representatives from related industries, investors, government officials, and more, providing opportunities to stay informed, expand networks, and explore collaboration.

International Collaboration Opportunities:

Concurrently held with IDCC 2023, the Data Center International Cooperation Conference is dedicated to inviting international industry stakeholders, expanding global cooperation networks, and providing a platform to connect with potential partners worldwide. Through interaction and exchange with other participants, attendees can establish valuable international collaboration networks, discover new business opportunities, and seek international partnerships. For overseas participants, this platform offers insights into the latest developments in the Chinese data center industry, presenting opportunities for collaboration and business expansion.

About IDCC 2023

IDCC 2023 will convene industry leaders and professionals to discuss the future direction, technological trends, and innovative concepts in the data center industry. As a flagship event in the China IDC industry, IDCC aims to drive industry development and innovation.

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