Leasing or Buying IPv4 Addresses: Which Option is the Best?

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5 Min Read | 15 April 2023 | Key Words: IP Addressing, IPv4 Lease, Buy IPv4 Address

Scarcity Drives Prices Up

IPv4 addresses play a crucial role in organizations that rely on the internet for their day-to-day operations. They are used for network management, security, location-based services, regulatory compliance, and business continuity. However, due to the limited supply of available IPv4 addresses, we find IPv4 Address is a growing demand for IPv4 address leasing and brokerage services. The charts show the leasing price and buying price are increasing dramatically in the past five years.

Buying IPv4 Addresses
Leasing IPv4 Addresses

In last 5 years, the price of IPv4 addresses increased year by year. Since 2020, the rental prices have also increased in the years follow. In 2018, the average price per IPv4 address was approximately $0.35 per month. In 2020, the price has steadily increased to $0.42 per month. In 2021 and 2022, the price stabilizes around $0.50 and $0.7 per month.

Organizations face a critical decision when it comes to acquiring IPv4 addresses: should they lease or buy IPv4 addresses?

Buying IPv4 Addresses

Buy IPv4 Addresses

Buying IPv4 Address is to transfer the ownership of a block of IPv4 addresses from Seller RIR account to Buyer RIR account. And means purchasing a block of IPv4 addresses for exclusive use by your organization. You will have full control over the traffic that goes through these addresses and can assign them to your devices or servers as needed.

Lease IPv4 Addresses

Leasing IPv4 addresses owns a block of IPv4 addresses for a specific period , while the lessor retains ownership. It’s a cost-effective option for organizations that need a temporary or limited supply of addresses, but it comes with potential risks like losing control over addresses.

Current IPv4 addresses plays a crucial role in organizations that rely on the internet for day-to-day operations. It’s essential to connect with a reputable IP leasing and brokerage company. Our company, IPv4 Superhub Limited, is a trusted provider of IP address services, offering valuable assistance in acquiring and managing IPv4 addresses. We take pride in being a leading provider, delivering exceptional customer service and reliable solutions to help businesses meet their IPv4 address needs.

Pros and Cons of leasing IPv4 addresses

Leasing may be a good option, if you are startups or small companies with limited resources and budgets or looking for short-term leasing.

Leasing IPv4 Address Pros and Cons
Leasing IPv4 address can be a more affordable option for businesses that need a temporary or limited supply of addresses, as opposed to buying them outright.
Lack of control
By leasing IPv4 addresses, businesses do not own them, which means they may have less control over how they are used and managed.
Leasing IPv4 addresses allows businesses to up scaling or down their IP address usage as their needs change, without being tied down to a specific block of addresses.
Limited availability
Depending on the market conditions, leasing IPv4 addresses may not always be a viable option, as there may be limited availability of certain address blocks or high demand driving up prices.
Reduced Administrative Burden
When leasing IPv4 addresses, the lessor typically takes care of the administrative tasks associated with managing IPv4 address blocks, such as registration and documentation.
Potential for abuse
If the lessor allows multiple parties to use the same IPv4 address block, there is a risk that one party could abuse the addresses and cause problems for the others using the block.

Overall, considering the advantages of IPv4 address leasing, leasing IPv4 addresses is a wise decision for startups and small companies seeking a straightforward and flexible solution.

Pros and Cons of Buying IPv4 addresses

Buying may be a good option, if you are large corporations that require a high level of security for their networks or a significant number of IPv4 addresses for internal and external networks may find it more cost-effective to buy IPv4 addresses rather than lease them.

Save time and Gain Lifetime Ownership
Buying IPv4 addresses can secure ownership for future needs. It can save time on sourcing IPv4 addresses for the future. Ease the unpredictable risk of inflated IP prices.
High Cost
Buying IPv4 addresses can be expensive, especially in the current market where IPv4 addresses are in short supply. The price of IPv4 addresses can vary widely depending on factors such as region, block size, and market demand.
IP as Asset
IPv4 address prices increase yearly, IP owners generate good revenue by selling them.
Meanwhile, invest in buying IPv4 addresses as an asset to generate recurring revenue.
Membership Fee and Management Cost
Membership fees or subscription costs imposed by the regional internet registry (RIR) shall be a regular cost. Also, a skilled IT person is needed to monitor, configure, and maintain the addresses LIR account.
Long-term solution
Buying IPv4 addresses is a long-term solution, making it ideal for companies that require a stable and predictable supply of IPv4 addresses.
Risk of Devaluation
The value of IPv4 addresses can fluctuate over time, and there is a risk that the purchased IPv4 addresses may decrease in value, potentially resulting in a loss of investment.

Overall, considering the advantages of IPv4 address leasing, leasing IPv4 addresses is a wise decision for startups and small companies seeking a straightforward and flexible solution.

Leasing vs. Buying IPv4 Addresses

A table to understand the advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling IPv4 addresses.

Buying IPv4 Address Pros and Cons

To evaluate which option is the best fit to you, it is important to consider the specific needs and circumstances of the business or organization. For example, the number of addresses required, the budget available, and the level of control and flexibility needed. By weighing these factors, businesses can determine whether leasing or buying is the best option.

If you still hesitate to choose whether to rent or buy IPv4 addresses, you can get a free Consultancy Service by leaving contact information on www.ipv4superhub.com.

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